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Waste lithium-ion battery recy

Waste lithium-ion battery recy

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Waste lithium-ion battery pack breaking lines is adopted man-machine combination, high level of automation, widely applicable.

After breaking, stripping, separation and other continuous process, the diaphragm, shell, copper foil, aluminum foil, anode & cathode powder and other products are obtained.

The process is based on market demand, resource regeneration and benefit maximization. Fully efficient recovery of single lithium-ion batteries, leftover bits of materials can be achieved.

The discharge is standard completely after the waste water and off-gas are disposed.

Technical index
  • Charged breaking
  • All-component recycling

  • High efficiency recycling of powder

  • Automatic central control

Selection guide
  •  1 t/h
  • 0.5 t/h
  • 0.2 t/h 

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